HardDrive XL with Lou Brutus

HardDrive XL with Lou Brutus

Lou Brutus, a.k.a. Sonic Warrior, has been at the top of the radio world for three decades! Working in top markets like Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington DC, and Providence, Brutus has one of the most popular and recognizable voices on the radio.

Over the years, Brutus has earned recognition and awards repeatedly for his on-air creativity. His accomplishments include:

  • The Best Nationally Syndicated DJ in America (5-time winner)
  • Major Market Personality of the Year (10-time nominee)
Sonic Warrior is one of the great radio interviewers and is a favorite of many artists. His 2020 book, Sonic Warrior: My Life As a Rock and Roll Reprobate, details Brutus's ascent to the heights of the radio industry and music world.