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This week on HARDDRIVE and HDXL 02-05-24

Coming up this week on HARDDRIVE and HDXL:

Your Source for the loudest rock is HardDrive with Lou Brutus!

All this week we will be joined by our FEATURE GUEST BRUCE DICKINSON!




Photo by John McMurtrie

MONDAY:  As Super Bowl week kicks off, the excitement on HardDrive XL is reaching a new level! While legends may be built on the gridiron during the big game, our listeners will be treated to a legend of heavy metal as the FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK. BRUCE DICKINSON takes center stage all week long, joining LOU BRUTUS to discuss his highly anticipated solo album, "The Mandrake Project," set to release on March 1st.

Speaking of legends, JESSE JAMES DUPREE is here tonight to share a story about when the one and only BRIAN JOHNSON of AC/DC came to stay at his house.


Photo by Lou Brutus

TUESDAY:  HardDrive XL is gearing up for an epic night of swordplay and no one is playing Dungeons and Dragons.
FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK, BRUCE DICKINSON, known for his many battles with Eddie onstage during Iron Maiden shows and his prowess as an amateur fencer, is here to talk about trusting the collaborators he worked with on "The Mandrake Project" including the accompanying graphic novel.

But the excitement doesn't stop there—as JERIS JOHNSON, the rising star who has made waves both onstage and online is here. Jeris, is known for his electrifying performances wielding a sword as a symbol of his ambition to conquer the world, and he sits down with Lou Brutus to discuss the secrets behind his recent success.


Photo courtesy of Realid Records

WEDNESDAY:  Happy Hump Day! We're inching closer to the weekend and Super Bowl Sunday but until then, LOU BRUTUS has plenty more HardDrive XL to fill your week. FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK, BRUCE DICKINSON is here again to discuss how fulfilled he feels from a creative sense after finishing his 7th solo album and first since "Tyranny Of Souls" back in 2005.

On a serious note, JACOBY SHADDIX of PAPA ROACH is here to talk with Lou about the topic of suicide and how it has been addressed in the band's music, both past and present.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, call or text the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988. The Lifeline provides 24-hour, confidential support to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress.


Photo by: Lou Brutus

THURSDAY:  Do you like comic books? Do you have a favorite? Tonight on HardDrive XL, LOU BRUTUS asks FEATURED ARTIST BRUCE DICKINSON if he has a favorite comic book character. Bruce teamed up with Z2 Comics for a 12-issue limited series, "Bruce Dickinson's The Mandrake Project" and issue No. 1 went on sale back in January. Z2 also previously collaborated with Iron Maiden for the 40th Anniversary of "Piece Of Mind."

While MIKE SHINODA may not have a comic book of his own, he does have a Top 10 hit with his song "Already Over." Tonight, Mike joins Lou Brutus on the show to share his insights into his creative process and whether he's always thinking about making music.

Mike Shinoda

Photo by: Mike Miller

FRIDAY:  Prepare to take flight with Bruce "The Baron" Dickinson tonight on HardDrive XL! FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK. BRUCE DICKINSON is well known for his passion for aviation and for piloting himself and Iron Maiden around the world but tonight you'll also discover if he has ever had the opportunity to fly military planes like the iconic Spitfire.

Someone sure to enjoy that conversation would be CHRIS JERICHO of FOZZY who may not pilot planes but does fly around a wrestling ring when he isn't busy making music. Chris is here tonight to discuss releasing a song at a time versus an entire album all at once. FOZZY will also be next week's FEATURED ARTIST.


Photo by: Bill Powell

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