The End of the Dutch Oven

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The End of the Dutch Oven

Here's a good Christmas gift for your gassy significant other . . . or, buying it for yourself might be the REAL gift.  A company in the U.K. is now selling anti-flatulence BEDSHEETS.

The company Shreddies already sells fart-mitigating underwear.  Now they've added two bedding products:  An undersheet that your regular sheets go on top of . . . and a "Flatulence Filtering Duvet Cover" to keep your nighttime emissions trapped.

Both options use the same technology as the underwear they sell.  Carbon fibers absorb the flatulence, then neutralize it.  A king size undersheet costs about $160, plus shipping.  The duvet cover is $260.  You can check them out at MyShreddies.com.