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Dumbass of the Day and the Top 6 List

Dumbass of the Day #1

Imagine the look on the cashier's face the FOURTH time this idiot walked through the door . . .

32-year-old Ronald Hill Jr. got arrested last week after robbing the SAME 7-Eleven four different times this summer.

The first robbery happened on July 15th. Then he came back and robbed it again on August 22nd . . . August 29th . . . and September 6th. So about a week between each of the last three.

Each time he came in, he stole stuff off the shelves . . . took cash from the register . . . and assaulted an employee. It's not clear if it was the same employee all four times.

He got caught trespassing somewhere else last Thursday, and cops realized it was the same guy from the security footage.

He's facing four counts of robbery.

Dumbass of the Day #2

If all criminals made it this easy on cops, we'd eventually have no crime . . .

Some guy near Toronto was driving around in a red Cadillac on Tuesday night. According to police, he was "impaired." So, either drunk or on drugs.

And for some reason, he decided to start doing loops in the parking lot of a POLICE STATION.

It was around 1:45 in the morning when a cop saw him slowly driving in circles in the parking lot . . . weaving in between parked cars . . . and flashing his headlights on and off for some reason.

The officer talked to him and told him to stop. But the guy refused and just kept doing it.

Two cops in police cruisers eventually boxed him in and got him to stop the car. They arrested him for impaired driving.


The Top 6 List

Top 6  Undeniable Signs You're Getting Old.

You stop in a parking lot to admire a Subaru.

You recently started a rant with "As a taxpayer . . . "

You kept a houseplant alive for more than a week.

Whenever someone mentions "crypto," you tilt your head like a dog hearing a strange sound.

You don't mind spending a Saturday afternoon at Sams Club.

You remember when Clint Eastwood only sort of looked like tree bark.