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The guys give details on Joplin Police Officer Reed’s funeral precession, NFL announcer shuffle, Daily Dumbass from Fork thief to Turtle Thief, Morning BJ, Top 6 List, March Madness and wrong Air BNB

Episode #125 First Laugh of the day, NFL announcer shuffle, Morning BJ, How you feeling after St. Patrick’s Day, Chris’s March Madness pick theory not working out, Dumbass 1 Stolen Fork, Top 6 List – Why your bracket already busted, Guy moves into cubical, Wrong Air BNB, Concert announcement, Officer Reed’s funeral precession details, Dumbass …

By Big Dog 97.9 on 3-18-2022

On Episode 121 from todays show the guys talk March Madness, Tom Brady is back, Kayne and Pete battle, You get your Daily Dumbass, Morning BJ, Top 6 List and it’s Monday so Nerd News

Episode #121 We start with our first laugh of the day, Nerd News, Morning BJ, Chris is sleep deprived, Tom Brady is Back, Dumbass 1 Overnight stay at target, Top 6 List Tips to fill out bracket, March Madness talk, Is your relationship doomed we ask alexa, Kayne VS Pete plus not headline news, Guess …

By Big Dog 97.9 on 3-14-2022

Full Show Podcast Monday Feb 28th, Sabastian Manescalco starts things off with first laugh, Morning BJ, Top 6 list, Daily Dumbass’s, Ukranian War Anthem, Batteries don’t charge there, Simon Cowell a sex judge

Episode #111 they guys start with the first laugh of the day featuring Sabastian Manescclco, Nerd News, Morning BJ, No Batteries required Sir, The worst/best breakfast Chris had this weekend. Dumbass 1 BBQ Shooting, Top 6 list – Your a bad driver, Weird places to lose your phone, New Ukranian war anthem, Simon Cowell sex …

By Big Dog 97.9 on 2-28-2022

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