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The guys give details about the fallen Joplin Police officers funeral plans, Elon Musk wants to fight Putin, Joplin Memorial run details, Top 6 List, Daily Dumbass, Morning BJ

Episode #122 First Laugh, We might work with most disgusting person, Morning BJ, How you doing?, March Mania and 64 team song, Dumbass 1 High Tech gas thief, Top 6 List Tips for perfect password, Joplin fallen officers funeral plans, Life hack or weird person?, Elon Musk wants to fight Putin for Ukraine, Bob with …

By Big Dog 97.9 on 3-15-2022

On Episode 121 from todays show the guys talk March Madness, Tom Brady is back, Kayne and Pete battle, You get your Daily Dumbass, Morning BJ, Top 6 List and it’s Monday so Nerd News

Episode #121 We start with our first laugh of the day, Nerd News, Morning BJ, Chris is sleep deprived, Tom Brady is Back, Dumbass 1 Overnight stay at target, Top 6 List Tips to fill out bracket, March Madness talk, Is your relationship doomed we ask alexa, Kayne VS Pete plus not headline news, Guess …

By Big Dog 97.9 on 3-14-2022

The guys talked about ways to help the family’s of the Joplin Police involved in the shooting, We also talked about with the bad weather the perfect car to get around, Your daily dumbass’s, Top 6 list, Morning BJ, What in the world is Dopplebanging?

Episode #120 begins with the first laugh of the morning featuring Andy Woodhull, WTF is Dopplebanging, Morning BJ, Baseball is back, Updates on the Joplin Police Shooting, Dumbass 1 Launching the seagull attack, Top 6 List quick and easy stress busters, The perfect car for winter weather, are we french fry freaks, Nick Cage crazy …

By Big Dog 97.9 on 3-11-2022

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