Burglary Suspects Busted after Accidental 911 Call

Three burglary suspects were arrested yesterday after they accidentally told police where they were. Lt. Matt Stewart of the Joplin Police Department says three people suspected of breaking into a home on West 3rd and attacking a woman there were arrested after one of their cellphones ended up inadvertently dialing 911.

"There was nobody on the phone at the time, but the dispatcher could hear voices in the background, talking about going to a bank. An officer ended up finding them in a vehicle in a bank parking lot at 7th and Virginia.

Stewart tells News Talk KZRG it's not often that police get help from what you'd call a "butt-dial."

"No," he laughs, "it's not often that the suspects of a crime will actually call the police and give away their location."

Arrested were 28-year-old Paula Woody, 37-year-old Donald Yost, and 34-year-old Charles Davidson, all of Joplin. A fourth suspect in the burglary is still at large.

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