Republicans Split on Farm Bill Failure

There's a fresh round of finger pointing at the U.S. Capitol following the defeat of a five-year, half-trillion-dollar farm bill. Sixty-two Republicans voted against it because some said a $2-billion cut in food stamps didn't go far enough. Drew White of Heritage Action for America is happy the bill failed.

"What we saw was a rebellion against a bill that had a trillion in spending, 80% of that was food stamps. We saw conservatives who didn't want to continue President Obama's stimulus agenda."

Republican Missouri Congressman Billy Long disagrees, telling the KZRG Morning News Watch it was a pointless move that will end up costing people more at the grocery store.

"If these people just sit in the corner and hold their breath until something happens, we'll probably end up having to go back to the 1940s Farm Bill with milk being $8 a gallon."

White denies that such a price hike will happen, pointing out that the last time a Farm Bill wasn't passed, lawmakers predicted milk jumping to $20 a gallon, but those predictions never came true.

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