Local Storm Chaser: Chasing Regulations Unlikely

The deaths of three storm chasers in last week's Oklahoma City tornadoes has led to talk about possibly regulating storm chasers in the future. Matt Friskey of Heartland Storm Chasers tells News Talk KZRG it's not likely to happen, but he sees why there's talk about it.

"I mean, it's gone on for so many years without any incidents like this, but there are so many new people out there chasing that don't know what they're doing."

He adds that the deaths of Tim Samaras, Carl Young, and Paul Samaras were a shock, adding that properly trained chasers are usually very safe.

"Everybody knew Tim, so it was just such a shock. Our team almost got stuck in the Oklahoma City traffic like they did, so we're going to try to avoid congested areas like that in the future."

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Locations : Oklahoma City
People : Carl YoungMatt FriskeyPaul SamarasTim Samaras
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