Congress Suing the President?

Even though it's the president's job to uphold the Constitution, and the nation's laws, House Speaker John Boehner is threatening to sue President Obama over his repeated use of Executive Privilege in order change, and ignore laws already on the books. Missouri Southern's Assistant Professor of Political Science, Dr. William Delehanty tells News Talk KZRG congress can't actually sue the president himself.

"What congress could do engage in what's called Legislative Oversight, where they could issue subpoenas, and bring members of the executive branch in to give testimony before legislative committees."

Delehanty tells News Talk KZRG what would happen if they prove the president wrong.

"Those communications would no longer be shielded. What the president has said, what his subordinates has said, those things would be open to public scrutiny."

Delehanty says not only could that information by politically damaging, but legally damaging as well. Another option available to congress would allow them to file a lawsuit in federal court challenging President Obama's use of Executive Privilege .

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