Joplin Area Chamber Opens Training Center

A partnership between the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, Crowder College and the Workforce Innovation Board is now open for business.  The Chamber’s Advanced Training and Technology Center held its grand opening Friday (8/11).  It’s a place where new businesses can get started…and it’s also where people can get new skills to get better jobs.  Crowder President Dr. Jennifer Methvin tells News Talk KZRG about the classes Crowder will teach at the center.

“The programs Crowder will offer here at the Center are intentionally designed to provide advanced training in an intense and condensed fashion.  Moving students from the classroom to the work force very quickly.”

Joplin Area Chamber President Rob O’Brian tells News Talk KZRG how the Center will benefit the community.  “It gives a place for companies to send their employees so they can get new skills.  And that helps make companies become more competitive.  It’s also a place for people in general to come and upgrade their skills so they can look for those better jobs.”

O’Brian says the Center is also a place for small companies to get started.  The Center is located at 420 S. Grand in downtown Joplin.